Following numerous scams at the expense of customers, we want to inform you about what distinguishes official cabs in the municipality of Bergamo and how to recognize them.
First of all, all vehicles bearing the name “TAXI” must have permission to call themselves such through a regular license issued by the municipality.
This entails obligations on the part of the taxi driver not only for tax purposes, but also regarding the safety of the car itself.

All cabs are rigorously inspected once a year through an overhaul that notes the perfect functioning of the vehicle.

This provides a guarantee of safety to the cab user,

  • both as active safety: means checked and fully functional,
  • both as passive safety: insurance that protects the passenger in the vehicle in the event of an accident.

So, for your safety, beware of those who profess to be “Taxi” or taxi drivers without holding a proper municipal license.

The car

The cab, moreover, throughout Italy is strictly white.

A sign reading “TAXI” identifies it. The lettering is in white on black in the front, and red on black in the back.

Radio Taxi Bergamo displays its logo on the doors and, a very important factor, on the back of the car all cabs have the license number prominently displayed on a sticker authorized by the municipality itself.


Inside the car, all cabs are equipped with meters displaying the fares. Every user has the right to ask how the rates are applied by the meter.

Official cab
means having fares authorized by the municipality and displayed, then taximeters sealed by the local police who ascertain their correct application.

Useful tips

We ask you to pay attention to these aspects to protect our work, but also to protect yourself from possible bad and unpleasant situations.

Make sure when you take a cab that these requirements are met are your protection as a consumer.

This way you can always track down the taxi driver who brought you, for any forgotten packages or luggage, or if you are in doubt about the fare you can always ask for information and if there is a mistake even a refund.

The official cab is a guarantee, now it’s up to you to choose.