Bergamo Taxi App

This application is designed to allow you to hail a cab wherever you are in the Bergamo area, with the advantage of saving you time by avoiding waits at the radio cab dispatcher and protecting the taxi driver who being always economically covered will pick you up wherever you are.

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Registration is essential for the operation of this APP as it would not be possible to fulfill your requests without having your information.

You will be asked for identifying information and a non-rechargeable credit card number. The data is encrypted the banking service handling the transactions is Bank BPM through NEXI.

By the application your data is used solely and exclusively for the operation of this APP.


Install the APP from the Android or Apple store:

Personal profile registration

Once installed on your phone, you will need to proceed with registration by following the steps below.

Once the APP is installed, you will be asked to allow access to the location of your device:

  • Selecting REJECT will prevent the application from working,
  • while the other two choices ALWAYS PER MIT and ONLY PERMIT WHILE USING IT are at your discretion.

Make sure you have activated the following services on your phone:

  • Geolocation to find your location
  • Mobile data

Tap on the REGISTER button and fill in all required fields, following the steps listed:

  • Please enter your first and last name
  • Enter a valid email (will serve as USERNAME)
  • enter a password (Check that the password has an uppercase character, a lowercase character, and a number and is at least 8 characters long)
  • include a phone number where you can be contacted in case the taxi driver cannot find you.
  • Do TAP on PREFERRED LOCATIONS. A drop-down will open showing you:
    • Set the home address.
    • Set working address
  • Enter one or more default locations if you always call the cab from the same addresses.
  • In the bar pay close attention to the choices presented to you. Select by making sure it is a street in BERGAMO
  • As in the image pay attention to the choice:
  • As with the home address you can add a work address
  • Accept the terms and conditions of use
  • Make (tap) on the REGISTER button
  • You will display the following screen:
  • Wait a few moments and an SMS will arrive with a code to copy
  • Enter in code that comes to you by text message in the field INSERT CODE.
  • You will be taken to the payment system registration screen

Personal profile registration

  • At the top left (tap) on add, the following screen will be highlighted with a prompt to fill in all the fields present.

The credit card entered must be of the “NOT rechargeable” type.

The required data are as follows:

  • In TITLE: first and last name
  • In CARD NUMBER: the number of the card.
  • In MM/YY: The month and year of expiration.
  • In CVV: the numbers given on the back of the paper.

Then do (tap) the proceed button, the app will hook into your bank’s verification system where it will enter your bank’s verification system. Fill in any fields and enter the code that comes to you from the control system via SMS. When you press the confirm button, the app becomes functional, the association between the app and the payment system is entered.

You will display your card with the last 4 digits of your card.

Tap “Cancel” and you will see this page on your smartphone.

Now the APP is ready to call a TAXI.

Call a cab with the APP

After registering, the steps to hailing a cab are as follows:

  • You can scroll the map to better visualize your location and read the street you are on.
  • By moving the map you will lose the address on the ADDRESS BAR.
  • To make the localization work again, simply press the RESTORE MAP button.
  • The address on the ADDRESS BAR will reappear.
  • If the address is incorrect do (tap) on the ADDRESS BAR, a new screen will open where you can enter the address manually.
  • Enter VIA and CIVIC NUMBER
  • Always rely on the proposed searches and when they are displayed select them.
  • Always be careful to select the street under Bergamo and NOT in another city or town.
  • Once selected you are returned to the main screen with the updated address
  • With the Options button (NOTES BUTTON) you can by doing (tap) on it, enter notes to be communicated to the taxi driver. As in the figure:
  • Selecting the BACK button will NOT store the note and we will be returned to the home screen
  • By selecting the PROCEED button, the note will be stored and we will be returned to the home screen
  • Now all we have to do is press the CALL Taxi button.
  • You will display this banner, warning you that if the xi arriving at the address you forwarded does not find you and calling you on the phone you do not answer, you will be charged 15 to 25€. The former for empty city runs the latter for suburban runs.
  • By pressing on the CANCEL button, the request will not be sent
  • By pressing on PROCEED , the system will instantly find the nearest cab to you
  • The app will show you the number of the TAXI that will pick you up and the minutes it will take
  • You will be asked to confirm or cancel the request
  • If you confirm to the taxi driver he will get your request and start moving toward you.
  • If you cancel the app takes you back to the home screen to enter a new calling address.

Additional Features

In the upper left corner are three lines identifying the button that includes the following features:

  • Runs made
  • Call the call center

Runs made

Selecting this item will allow you to see all the rides you have made through the APP. So you can keep track of your monthly or weekly spending.

Call the call center

Selecting this item will put the phone in the address book allowing you to call the radio cab dispatch center on 035 451 90 90